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Wrestling Women/Calamari Wrestler prints


3 prints, 11"x17", signed, unframed. As seen at Designer Con 2015 - $70. (Or $25 per print)

The greatest Japanese female pro wrestlers of the 90s battle the uncanny undersea grapplers of the 2004 Japanese wrestling comedy The Calamari Wrestler in this trio of bright, action packed prints. Why not?

Print 1 - Three time WWWA Tag Team Champion Bull Nakano vs Octopus Wrestler (BLUE)
Print 2 - Four time WWWA Champion Manami Toyota vs Calamari Wrestler (YELLOW)
Print 3 - Four time WWWA Tag Team Champion Hokuto Akira vs Squilla Boxer (PINK)

The copyright marks will not appear on the physical prints.

©2015 Lili Chin.